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Finding a transaction in your budget with keyword search

Why using the keyword search feature

The keyword search is a very useful feature when you need to send the receipt of a work expense or just to double check what you entered.

When you record all your expenses it may be difficult to dig out a particular expense and the keyword search comes very handy.

How to use the keyword search feature

Let’s say that you were assigned the difficult task to buy a joint present for your boss who is retiring.

Your colleagues who look after the party organization may need the receipt to reconcile all the spending made.

The problem is you cannot remember where it is.

The good thing is you recorded it with QMR!

First, go in List from the mainscreen and press Action at the top right of the next screen











You will be given the choice between a few options, press “Keyword Search”


Type your keyword and press “Search”

Note:You can choose to include or exclude Memo and Label from the search

If you choose the “List Period” option which refers to the period used to display the spending list











Done! We found the expense we were looking for


Now that we pulled out the expense we were looking for, we can share it with our colleagues.

You can take a screenshot and send it to them by email or have a look at the export to excel feature.


Using the repeat feature in Quick Money Recorder

Quick Money Recorder helps you saving precious time with the Repeat feature!

Follow the instructions below to help you entering scheduled and repeated transactions.

How to add a repeated transaction

From QMR main screen, go into Settings>Totals/Record Settings and scroll down to Repeat Expense/Income.



From the next screen, select “Add Repeat Items”. You will be able to add the details of your scheduled transaction.

 add_repeat_item             IMG_3511








In this example, we will enter a $500 rent paid every month on the 25th.

Press the field you wish to amend. The first field lets you select the day on which the recurring transaction is scheduled.

We selected the 25th on the 2nd screenshot.









Select the 2nd field to enter the amount and the 3rd field to assign a category.

Choose the period during which the recurring transaction repeats.

Tip: You can pick a date anytime in the past but the duration can only last for 5 years from today’s date.

For example, if today’s date is the 16th of May 2016, you can set your transaction to repeat until May 2021 and have it started whenever you want.


IMG_3515    IMG_3516







Press “Back” or the arrow at the top left of the screen.

You will see a confirmation message as shown below.

Your recurring transaction will automatically be added to your List and in the Calendar (screenshot below).







How to edit/delete repeated transactions

IMG_3510 From the Repeat Expense/Income section, go into “Edit Repeat Items”.

You will see all your scheduled transactions listed. You can edit them by pressing on the top right of the screen.

Press the red button on the right to delete.

QMR will let you choose between deleting all records or keeping the recurring transaction up to today’s date.

To edit the recurring transaction’s details, you just need to select the field you wish to amend.

You will be able to easily change the amount, duration, start and end dates, category, picture, label and note.

IMG_3518  IMG_3520








Want to know how to amend multiple transactions at once? Have a look at how to use the Bulk Edit feature.

Introducing the Bulk Edit feature

Quick Money Recorder (QMR) gives you a lot of option to enter and amend elements of your budget. In this blog post, we will show you how you can easily amend multiple expense entries in a few simple steps using the “Bulk Edit” feature.

What is the “Bulk Edit” feature?

The bulk edit feature lets you select multiple expense entries and amend them all at once. You can choose between 6 actions to perform on your selection:

  1. Category: Assign or change the category to your selection
  2. Date: Assign or change the date of the selected expenses
  3. Tax: Automatically calculates and adds tax to the selected items. (You can set the tax rate by going in General Settings>Tax Rate)
  4. Delete: Delete all the selected items
  5. Delete photo: Delete the picture of all selected items
  6. Label: Assign or change the label of the selected spending/income data

How does it work?

Glad you asked, follow the guide below.

First you need to display your spending and income entries under the “List” view.

From QMR’s main screen, tap on “List” at the bottom left.

Then from the list screen, select “Action” at the top right. You will be given a couple of options including “Bulk Edit”.

bulk_edit_4                        bulk_edit_3











You can now select the expense or income entries you wish to amend by ticking the box on the left or select them all.

The amendment options are displayed at the bottom of the screen.












In the example below, let’s amend the entry which is not categorized (the category name will be displayed instead of the question mark).

Tick the box on the left of the amount and press “Category” at the bottom of the screen.












Let’s assign the Shopping category to the amount. To do this, select “Category” at the bottom of the screen.

You will then see the list of all your categories. Just press the one that applies to the amount and “Back” at the top left of the screen to confirm your selection. Done! The category is assigned.

If you have no further change to make just tap “Done” at the top right of the screen.












You want to discover more about how to use QMR? What about having a look at how to export your budget to excel?


QMR doesn’t only track your spending but also helps you maintain a budget!

After listening to what Quick Money Recorder users had to say, we found out that some of them didn’t know about the budget feature. You should already know that QMR is great to record the money you spend and categorize it in categories. Now the second step for your financial health is to create a budget. We will explain how to do this in QMR.

Where do I enter the total budget amount?

Launch Quick Money Recorder and go into “Settings” and select the “Totals/Record Settings”section.

On the next screen, select “Balance and Budget”.


STEP ONE: Settings>                    Totals/Record Settings


 STEP TWO: Select                         Balance and Budget













balance and budget setting

STEP THREE: Make sure the toggle next to “Total Budget” is on and select “Total Budget Setting”


STEP FOUR: Select the Total Budget and enter your chosen amount









OK done but what changed?


Now you will see how much money you have left on your budget after expenses both in list and graph














How do I know which amount to set?

That’s the $10000 question… A budget is a very personal matter and you need to perform a wallet audit before you can decide of how you wish to spend your money. We wrote this blog post to guide you. In the meantime we wish you happy money tracking and budgeting!

Issue Report: Backup to Dropbox Feature

Important information to Quick Money Recorder Users who use the save to Dropbox feature

Users who updated their Dropbox mobile app to ver 7.2.8 on the 21st of April are currently unable to save their QMR data in a zip format. Please note that the text file currently saved in Dropbox is not a valid format to perform data backup as QMR can’t open a text file.

Users affected by this problem should use the save to Evernote/SD card/Google Drive features. If you have any question about how to do this go into QMR’s “Settings”>”Support”>”Support & Feedback”>”Create email”


■ Issue details ■
◇Issue detected on
21st of April 2016

◇App version
Dropbox ver7.2.8

◇Problem description
Users who updated their Dropbox mobile app to ver7.2.8(released on the 21st of April 2016)are unable to backup their data in a QMR compatible zip format when using the 「Save to Dropbox」 feature.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are working hard to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Quick Money Recorder Development Team


I just switched phones, how do I transfer my QMR data?


You have just upgraded your phone and need to transfer your QMR data? No problem, we’ll explain to you how to proceed and give you a couple of options.

Recover your data with your Cloud Sync Subscription

If you have subscribed to the Cloud Sync feature, you need to log into the account you created. Open Quick Money Recorder and go into Settings>Cloud Sync Setting>Log into Cloud Account

QMR_Cloud_Sync                   QMR_Cloud_Sync                   QMR_Cloud_Sync               QMR_Cloud_Sync











Once you are logged into your account, your data saved in our servers will be synced in your new phone!

Recover your data from a backup in Google Drive/Dropbox or by email

(If you wish to see the detailed steps in order to perform an email backup, you can have a look at this previous blog post).

When you backup your data by email or by using Google Drive or Dropbox, QMR will automatically create a zip file. We will show you how to backup your data on Dropbox on the screenshots below but the procedure is the same for Google Drive. Note: You will need to have the Dropbox/Google Drive mobile app installed on your device.

In QMR Settings go into  Data>Data Backup/Restore and choose the data backup method you prefer. We chose Dropbox for the screenshots below. Choose “Open in Dropbox” or “Open in Google Drive”.

restore_data_backup                                         Data_Backup_Dropbox_restore                                             open_in_dropboxDropbox_File_list

Now that your QMR file is backed up, install the Dropbox or Google Drive mobile application on your new device and select the QMR data file from the list. Choose “Open in…”>”Open in Quick Money Recorder”

dropbox_backup_file_view      data_backup_dropbox_2    data_restore_dropbox_open_in_QMR         restore_data_dropbox









Your data has been restored to your new device!

Note: We used an iphone for the screenshots but the process is the same.

If you just purchased a Cloud subscription and want to know how to share data between your phone and tablet, we described how to register your account in this blog post.










How can I share my QMR expenses?


We received users queries asking how they can share their expense with their significant other or business partners. You will find detailed descriptions about the Cloud Sync feature and how to use it to share a budget.

How to create a cloud sync account

You can access and edit your spending data from multiple devices with the cloud sync feature. The expenses you enter will be automatically updated each time you are connected to internet. You only need one Cloud Sync account that you can share with the people you want.






From QMR settings, go into “Membership”






Go into “Membership Status”





QMR for Android New Update! v2.6.0



Did you update to the latest version of Quick Money Recorder? We just released the 2.6.0 version for Android which introduces a few new changes. Follow the guide…

A new menu design

We like clear and simple to navigate user interface. So we reorganized the “Settings” menu in expandable sections. Less scrolling down and a short description of what each action performs are the main benefits to that change. We also give you the option to choose the number of icons you want to display on the main screen to include a quick access to “Graph” and “Calendar”. To enable that option just go to Settings>Display Settings>Customize Home Screen menu. Other minor design amendments include the option to display or hide the note history and the national holidays appearing in red in calendar.

If you wish to know more about the new settings menu, we explained everything here.

A new option of format to export to Excel (Premium Feature)

If you are a spreadsheet aficionado, we introduced another format to export your budget and expenses. If you want to know more about how to perform the procedure, we explained everything here. The “Export Transaction History” option will automatically create an excel sheet with all the transactions made and their details such as the currency or the payment method used. The “Export Monthly Budget” option will show the amounts earned or spent classified by date and category. We hope this choice of format will give you more flexibility when working on budgeting with excel!

QMR is regularly updated because you’re worth it!

Our updates and improvements to Quick Money Recorder are often based on your feedback and requests. Oh and we have to mention that they are important to fix bugs. Our engineers are great and working hard but sometimes there is a small problem…that they fix asap! So please send us your feedback, opinion or just say hello by writing to


How to export your budget to excel?

Excel and spreadsheets are a widely used tool to help maintaining a budget along with pen and paper. Excel and spreadsheets are powerful tools to record and maintain your spending. We know that this is important for QMR users who need to reconcile expenses or send an expense report. You will find below how to export your budget in excel in just a few simple steps.

Go into “List” from QMR’s home screen


From the “List” screen, press “Output” at the bottom left.







You will then see a pop up window asking you to confirm that you want to export your expense data to excel.


You can choose to export your transaction history or just your monthly budget.












You can choose to include your receipt pictures but please note that email servers often have size limitations for attachments. If the file size is too large, your email server may not be able to send the message.




This is how your budgeting data will look like in excel. You can make amendments or reconcile the household’s budget with your partner’s data.


If you need more tips about how to use Quick Money Recorder, check this blog post about how to backup your data.