You decided to take your finance back in control and chose to give Quick Money Recorder a go?

First we want to thank you for choosing QMR, we will do our best to help you take control of your finances!

We will walk you through the first steps in order to get you going.

Quick Money Recorder’s home screen is very intuitive and easy to understand. It looks like a calculator so you can start recording your expenses right away!

Quick Money Recorder Home Screen: The categories

Categories are essential in order to analyze your budget and expenses. Quick Money Recorder comes with a list of 16 defaults categories but we strongly encourage you to customize them as soon as possible! We will explain this in details in another post.

Quick Money Recorder


Quick Money Recorder Home Screen: The Calculator and Sync Icons

The first icon on the left opens the calculator so you don’t need to leave the app to make expense calculations! The circling arrows icons performs the cloud sync option so your data is always up to date and shareable on multiple devices.



Quick Money Recorder Home Screen: The Camera, Note and Input Buttons

The  3 buttons on the bottom right are all dedicated to expense entries. Press the camera button to take the picture of an invoice or a receipt and fill in the details later. The note icon represents the “Quick Input” feature. It will display a new window from which you can record all the information related to an expense. Another option is to press the “Input” button after entering an expense amount.



Simple isn’t it? Don’t worry if you still feel a bit lost, we will go into each feature and procedure in more details in other articles!