Quick Money Recorder was designed to help you start managing your money in seconds. We want our users to be able to record their expense and income easily. We will describe the 4 different ways to enter a spending transaction.

Entering a spending transaction or income

Method 1: Use the home screen panel

Need to record the amount of grocery shopping you just made? Open QMR and simply enter the amount on the number panel, select a category and press “Input”. If you enter an income amount, you will have to choose the preset “Income” category.



Method 2: The Quick Input Icon

From the home screen, press the icon representing a notepad and a pen. On the next screen, you will be able to enter the spending transaction’s amount and add other details. Just finish by pressing enter.



Method 3: Use the calendar

From “List”, change to Calendar view by pressing on “Calendar” at the bottom of the screen. Select a date and press “Input” to enter the spending transaction detail.


                                                                                  Method 4: The camera feature (when you need to record a receipt)

From the home screen, press the “Camera” icon to take a picture of a receipt. You will have to press “List” and select the transaction to add the details.


Tip: You can also use the “label” feature to specify the transaction type. For example: Karen Birthday Cake/ DVD sale on Ebay…

Customizing Categories

To customize categories, you just need to expand the category section on the home screen by pressing the pointing down arrow.


On the next screen, you can edit existing categories by pressing edit at the top right and add new categories.


Tips: On ios, you need to press back in order to save your changes