Using the repeat feature in Quick Money Recorder

Using the repeat feature in Quick Money Recorder

Quick Money Recorder helps you saving precious time with the Repeat feature!

Follow the instructions below to help you entering scheduled and repeated transactions.

How to add a repeated transaction

From QMR main screen, go into Settings>Totals/Record Settings and scroll down to Repeat Expense/Income.



From the next screen, select “Add Repeat Items”. You will be able to add the details of your scheduled transaction.

 add_repeat_item             IMG_3511








In this example, we will enter a $500 rent paid every month on the 25th.

Press the field you wish to amend. The first field lets you select the day on which the recurring transaction is scheduled.

We selected the 25th on the 2nd screenshot.









Select the 2nd field to enter the amount and the 3rd field to assign a category.

Choose the period during which the recurring transaction repeats.

Tip: You can pick a date anytime in the past but the duration can only last for 5 years from today’s date.

For example, if today’s date is the 16th of May 2016, you can set your transaction to repeat until May 2021 and have it started whenever you want.


IMG_3515    IMG_3516







Press “Back” or the arrow at the top left of the screen.

You will see a confirmation message as shown below.

Your recurring transaction will automatically be added to your List and in the Calendar (screenshot below).







How to edit/delete repeated transactions

IMG_3510 From the Repeat Expense/Income section, go into “Edit Repeat Items”.

You will see all your scheduled transactions listed. You can edit them by pressing on the top right of the screen.

Press the red button on the right to delete.

QMR will let you choose between deleting all records or keeping the recurring transaction up to today’s date.

To edit the recurring transaction’s details, you just need to select the field you wish to amend.

You will be able to easily change the amount, duration, start and end dates, category, picture, label and note.

IMG_3518  IMG_3520








Want to know how to amend multiple transactions at once? Have a look at how to use the Bulk Edit feature.

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