I just switched phones, how do I transfer my QMR data?

I just switched phones, how do I transfer my QMR data?


You have just upgraded your phone and need to transfer your QMR data? No problem, we’ll explain to you how to proceed and give you a couple of options.

Recover your data with your Cloud Sync Subscription

If you have subscribed to the Cloud Sync feature, you need to log into the account you created. Open Quick Money Recorder and go into Settings>Cloud Sync Setting>Log into Cloud Account

QMR_Cloud_Sync                   QMR_Cloud_Sync                   QMR_Cloud_Sync               QMR_Cloud_Sync











Once you are logged into your account, your data saved in our servers will be synced in your new phone!

Recover your data from a backup in Google Drive/Dropbox or by email

(If you wish to see the detailed steps in order to perform an email backup, you can have a look at this previous blog post).

When you backup your data by email or by using Google Drive or Dropbox, QMR will automatically create a zip file. We will show you how to backup your data on Dropbox on the screenshots below but the procedure is the same for Google Drive. Note: You will need to have the Dropbox/Google Drive mobile app installed on your device.

In QMR Settings go into  Data>Data Backup/Restore and choose the data backup method you prefer. We chose Dropbox for the screenshots below. Choose “Open in Dropbox” or “Open in Google Drive”.

restore_data_backup                                         Data_Backup_Dropbox_restore                                             open_in_dropboxDropbox_File_list

Now that your QMR file is backed up, install the Dropbox or Google Drive mobile application on your new device and select the QMR data file from the list. Choose “Open in…”>”Open in Quick Money Recorder”

dropbox_backup_file_view      data_backup_dropbox_2    data_restore_dropbox_open_in_QMR         restore_data_dropbox









Your data has been restored to your new device!

Note: We used an iphone for the screenshots but the process is the same.

If you just purchased a Cloud subscription and want to know how to share data between your phone and tablet, we described how to register your account in this blog post.










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