Finding a transaction in your budget with keyword search

Finding a transaction in your budget with keyword search

Why using the keyword search feature

The keyword search is a very useful feature when you need to send the receipt of a work expense or just to double check what you entered.

When you record all your expenses it may be difficult to dig out a particular expense and the keyword search comes very handy.

How to use the keyword search feature

Let’s say that you were assigned the difficult task to buy a joint present for your boss who is retiring.

Your colleagues who look after the party organization may need the receipt to reconcile all the spending made.

The problem is you cannot remember where it is.

The good thing is you recorded it with QMR!

First, go in List from the mainscreen and press Action at the top right of the next screen











You will be given the choice between a few options, press “Keyword Search”


Type your keyword and press “Search”

Note:You can choose to include or exclude Memo and Label from the search

If you choose the “List Period” option which refers to the period used to display the spending list











Done! We found the expense we were looking for


Now that we pulled out the expense we were looking for, we can share it with our colleagues.

You can take a screenshot and send it to them by email or have a look at the export to excel feature.


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