QMR for Android New Update! v2.6.0

QMR for Android New Update! v2.6.0



Did you update to the latest version of Quick Money Recorder? We just released the 2.6.0 version for Android which introduces a few new changes. Follow the guide…

A new menu design

We like clear and simple to navigate user interface. So we reorganized the “Settings” menu in expandable sections. Less scrolling down and a short description of what each action performs are the main benefits to that change. We also give you the option to choose the number of icons you want to display on the main screen to include a quick access to “Graph” and “Calendar”. To enable that option just go to Settings>Display Settings>Customize Home Screen menu. Other minor design amendments include the option to display or hide the note history and the national holidays appearing in red in calendar.

If you wish to know more about the new settings menu, we explained everything here.

A new option of format to export to Excel (Premium Feature)

If you are a spreadsheet aficionado, we introduced another format to export your budget and expenses. If you want to know more about how to perform the procedure, we explained everything here. The “Export Transaction History” option will automatically create an excel sheet with all the transactions made and their details such as the currency or the payment method used. The “Export Monthly Budget” option will show the amounts earned or spent classified by date and category. We hope this choice of format will give you more flexibility when working on budgeting with excel!

QMR is regularly updated because you’re worth it!

Our updates and improvements to Quick Money Recorder are often based on your feedback and requests. Oh and we have to mention that they are important to fix bugs. Our engineers are great and working hard but sometimes there is a small problem…that they fix asap! So please send us your feedback, opinion or just say hello by writing to feedback@smart-idea-apps.com


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