Japan Fintech: QMR team joined MUFG fintech accelerator

Japan Fintech: QMR team joined MUFG fintech accelerator



What is Fintech and what about Fintech in Japan?

If you are familiar with new technologies, you must have heard of fintech. For those who still have no clue, fintech refers to startups using innovative technology in order to make financial services more efficient. Fintech companies disrupt traditional banking with services such as mobile payments, cryptocurrency or investment. Japan, with the 2nd largest financial market in the world, is now actively looking at fostering this industry. Japan’s financial services are traditionally heavily regulated but the Japanese government has been lifting rules on investment n Fintech.

The team behind Quick Money Recorder will learn from the best!

MUFG, Japan’s biggest bank, launched at the beginning of the year an innovation lab both in Tokyo and Silicon Valley to develop innovative fintech solutions using MUFG’s resources. Besides its own research, MUFG went on a quest to select innovative Japanese fintech startup for its accelerator program. The team behind QMR has the honour to be one of the 5 startups selected for this 4 months intensive program where we will receive industry experts’ feedbacks and mentoring. It is also an incredible opportunity for QMR’s team to meet and exchange with big players in the financial industries.

Let’s work hard!

QMR’s team would like to thank MUFG for choosing us and for its support. We would also like to thank our users who made the growth of QMR possible. Your support and feedbacks are essential to us to improve our app. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by email!

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