How do I backup my QMR data?

How do I backup my QMR data?

Wondering how to backup your budget? Anyone who ever experienced a data loss knows how frustrating it can be. “Better safe than sorry”, don’t you agree? We thought that most of you would be happy to learn how to backup your QMR data so we listed a few options below.


I keep my data safe in the Cloud 

QMR provides dedicated cloud storage space to save and sync automatically all your expense data between all your registered devices. Your data will be automatically backed up up each time you make a new entry or when you start the app. If you need more reassurance, just press the circling arrows on QMR’s main screen. The cloud backup is available with a subscription plan which can be paid yearly or monthly. Learn more here.

Manual Backup in Dropbox/GoogleDrive/Evernote

If you prefer using your personal file sharing account, you can backup your data on your personal Dropbox/Evernote or Google Drive account. Please kindly note that you can’t restore saved data files on an Android device.

Manual Backup by email

You can choose to save your expense data via email. Please refer to this blog post to read the steps in detail. Just keep in mind that exporting the file with pictures may not be possible due to file size limitations imposed by your email service provider. The file is already compressed in a zip file but make sure you backup your data regularly so you don’t end up with a file the size of an elephant!

The three backup methods described above are all available via subscription or in app purchase. We endeavor to update Quick Money Recorder regularly and to answer users’requests. You will also ALWAYS receive a reply from us if you have a feedback or problem.


You still have the option to backup your QMR in ios or to proceed to a manual backup in Android. We just cannot guarantee the backup with these methods but we’ll always do our best to assist you!


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