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Issue Report: Backup to Dropbox Feature

Important information to Quick Money Recorder Users who use the save to Dropbox feature

Users who updated their Dropbox mobile app to ver 7.2.8 on the 21st of April are currently unable to save their QMR data in a zip format. Please note that the text file currently saved in Dropbox is not a valid format to perform data backup as QMR can’t open a text file.

Users affected by this problem should use the save to Evernote/SD card/Google Drive features. If you have any question about how to do this go into QMR’s “Settings”>”Support”>”Support & Feedback”>”Create email”


■ Issue details ■
◇Issue detected on
21st of April 2016

◇App version
Dropbox ver7.2.8

◇Problem description
Users who updated their Dropbox mobile app to ver7.2.8(released on the 21st of April 2016)are unable to backup their data in a QMR compatible zip format when using the 「Save to Dropbox」 feature.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. We are working hard to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Quick Money Recorder Development Team


QMR for Android New Update! v2.6.0



Did you update to the latest version of Quick Money Recorder? We just released the 2.6.0 version for Android which introduces a few new changes. Follow the guide…

A new menu design

We like clear and simple to navigate user interface. So we reorganized the “Settings” menu in expandable sections. Less scrolling down and a short description of what each action performs are the main benefits to that change. We also give you the option to choose the number of icons you want to display on the main screen to include a quick access to “Graph” and “Calendar”. To enable that option just go to Settings>Display Settings>Customize Home Screen menu. Other minor design amendments include the option to display or hide the note history and the national holidays appearing in red in calendar.

If you wish to know more about the new settings menu, we explained everything here.

A new option of format to export to Excel (Premium Feature)

If you are a spreadsheet aficionado, we introduced another format to export your budget and expenses. If you want to know more about how to perform the procedure, we explained everything here. The “Export Transaction History” option will automatically create an excel sheet with all the transactions made and their details such as the currency or the payment method used. The “Export Monthly Budget” option will show the amounts earned or spent classified by date and category. We hope this choice of format will give you more flexibility when working on budgeting with excel!

QMR is regularly updated because you’re worth it!

Our updates and improvements to Quick Money Recorder are often based on your feedback and requests. Oh and we have to mention that they are important to fix bugs. Our engineers are great and working hard but sometimes there is a small problem…that they fix asap! So please send us your feedback, opinion or just say hello by writing to feedback@smart-idea-apps.com


How do I backup my QMR data?

Wondering how to backup your budget? Anyone who ever experienced a data loss knows how frustrating it can be. “Better safe than sorry”, don’t you agree? We thought that most of you would be happy to learn how to backup your QMR data so we listed a few options below.


I keep my data safe in the Cloud 

QMR provides dedicated cloud storage space to save and sync automatically all your expense data between all your registered devices. Your data will be automatically backed up up each time you make a new entry or when you start the app. If you need more reassurance, just press the circling arrows on QMR’s main screen. The cloud backup is available with a subscription plan which can be paid yearly or monthly. Learn more here.

Manual Backup in Dropbox/GoogleDrive/Evernote

If you prefer using your personal file sharing account, you can backup your data on your personal Dropbox/Evernote or Google Drive account. Please kindly note that you can’t restore saved data files on an Android device.

Manual Backup by email

You can choose to save your expense data via email. Please refer to this blog post to read the steps in detail. Just keep in mind that exporting the file with pictures may not be possible due to file size limitations imposed by your email service provider. The file is already compressed in a zip file but make sure you backup your data regularly so you don’t end up with a file the size of an elephant!

The three backup methods described above are all available via subscription or in app purchase. We endeavor to update Quick Money Recorder regularly and to answer users’requests. You will also ALWAYS receive a reply from us if you have a feedback or problem.


You still have the option to backup your QMR in ios or to proceed to a manual backup in Android. We just cannot guarantee the backup with these methods but we’ll always do our best to assist you!


Introducing QMR’s New Settings Menu

If you have been using QMR for some time you may have noticed that we revamped our menu settings to make it clearer and easier to use. The menu is divided in expandable categories and includes short description of each sub sections.


General Settings: select the currency, language and general customization options

You can choose between 114 international currencies and 6 languages for your QMR application. We also let you set the tax rate which is especially important for small business owners and the order of the expense entries in “List”. If you wish to protect your budgeting data from curious eyes, you can set a passcode to open the app. Don’t worry if you forget your password, we made the reset process easy! The automatic reminder gives you the option to receive a push notification with your budget balance at a chosen time everyday.

Totals/Records Settings: choose what you want to record and set your budget

Not everyone’s budget follows the same patterns and we wanted to give you a lot of customization options. Tired of entering recurrent expense or income? QMR will display monthly recurrent income and expense for you! You can enter your utility bills or salary and choose the date when the transaction is settled.

You can also customize and record the payment method, the shop name and labels. To activate the option, just switch the toggle next to it. You can enter up to different shop names and labels.

Display Settings: what do you want to see?

Each option is pretty self explanatory but we added the option to choose the number of icons to display on the home screen. You may also wonder what is the “opportunity to win” option. We want to encourage our users in tracking their spending so we award you points that you can use to win Amazon gift vouchers! Want to know more? Check our blog post here.

Data: backup, export and sync

You can log into your cloud account, backup your expense entries or export your data in excel. The cloud sync feature enable all your spending and budget data automatic synchronization between all your devices. You need to subscribe to use this feature but we are currently offering a discounted yearly plan with almost 50% off.

Membership: buy a subscription plan or restore some premium features

Recently bought a new smartphone? Use your subscription log in details to restore all the premium features on your new device.

Problem or question? Send us your feedback in no time!

You can automatically send us your QMR’s data or questions if you experience any issue. You also have the possibility to write a review about QMR which will be displayed in the app store. We always love to hear from you!


Japan Fintech: QMR team joined MUFG fintech accelerator



What is Fintech and what about Fintech in Japan?

If you are familiar with new technologies, you must have heard of fintech. For those who still have no clue, fintech refers to startups using innovative technology in order to make financial services more efficient. Fintech companies disrupt traditional banking with services such as mobile payments, cryptocurrency or investment. Japan, with the 2nd largest financial market in the world, is now actively looking at fostering this industry. Japan’s financial services are traditionally heavily regulated but the Japanese government has been lifting rules on investment n Fintech.

The team behind Quick Money Recorder will learn from the best!

MUFG, Japan’s biggest bank, launched at the beginning of the year an innovation lab both in Tokyo and Silicon Valley to develop innovative fintech solutions using MUFG’s resources. Besides its own research, MUFG went on a quest to select innovative Japanese fintech startup for its accelerator program. The team behind QMR has the honour to be one of the 5 startups selected for this 4 months intensive program where we will receive industry experts’ feedbacks and mentoring. It is also an incredible opportunity for QMR’s team to meet and exchange with big players in the financial industries.

Let’s work hard!

QMR’s team would like to thank MUFG for choosing us and for its support. We would also like to thank our users who made the growth of QMR possible. Your support and feedbacks are essential to us to improve our app. Don’t hesitate to get in touch by email!

Now save and transfer your budget by Email with QMR

The developers working on Quick Money Recorder (QMR) used their coding magic to offer new features to our money conscious users.

This post will introduce how to backup your QMR’s data by email

Find the Data Backup options in QMR’s Settings

From QMR’s settings, you can find all backup options in the “Data” section

Quick Money Recorder

Quick Money Recorder

You will then see the Data Backup sub menu on the next screen (left)

The next screen will show you all the options for data backup (right)


Quick Money Recorder


The next screen will show you all the options for data backup

Win Amazon Gift cards with Quick Money Recorder

Did you know Quick Money Recorder gives away 5 gift cards each month to reward its most diligent users? Do you want to be among one of the lucky winners? Follow the guide below.

Step 1: Register to The Smart Budgeter Instant Reward Scheme


Go into Quick Money Recorder’s settings and scroll down to Customize. Make sure that the “Opportunity to Win” option is switched on otherwise you won’t be able to earn points. You now need to register to the Reward Scheme. Select “Apply Now!”  to access the registration page.