How can I share my QMR expenses?

How can I share my QMR expenses?







Press “Join Subscription” and you will be redirected to the app store or google play. Choose between a monthly plan or a yearly plan (which is almost half price) and proceed with payment.




Some users think that the Cloud Sync feature is enabled after the purchase but !!you still need to create an account!! You will be able to register an account after purchase thanks to a pop up screen.

Wait! I closed the pop up screen, what should I do?



If you registered your account, all subscription details will appear in the “Member Status” section.






No panic, you can register your account from Settings>Membership>Membership Status and Select “Account Setting for Cloud function” to create your account


Do I have to pay twice for my  partner to access this account?

No you don’t. Your spouse or business partner only has to use the “Log in/Log out” to access the same account. Once done, all the expenses, spending and income amounts you and your partner enter will be synchronized across devices. Your expense data will be saved in our secure server, you can learn more about how to backup your data from this previous blog post.

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