The best money saving articles and posts of the week 9/11

The best money saving articles and posts of the week 9/11

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We love sharing money saving blog posts and articles we found interesting on our Twitter account (@MoneyRecordApp). We thought you may enjoy a selection and a quick summary on our personal finance blog too!

US students lack financial literacy

An article from USA today points to the alarming fact that most students have no confidence in their knowledge of personal finance. This is the result of a survey where 65% of respondents said they didn’t believe in their ability to manage their money. The article recommends to teach budget management and investing in the classroom. Good idea to teach the basics but from our personal experience family money management teaching is equally important.

Why you should know about personal finance

We read that November is financial literacy month in Canada, and felt inspired by this sentence: “Effectively managing money is not only part of everyday life, it’s essential for achieving all kinds of goals.” A couple of popular publications will give you tons of useful advice  to share on twitter #FLM2015.

Set a goal for your finances and have a fun fund

The magazine Moneysense is a very good read for all types of budgeters. They regularly write articles giving tips about managing personal finances including how to kick off saving money. We totally agree with the first advice set a goal and “You can’t escape having to run the numbers and tracking your expenses to determine how much you’re truly able to save.” But the best piece of advice would be to have a fun fund because life is too short not to treat yourself from time to time!

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