Love and Money, the Big Affair

Love and Money, the Big Affair

With Valentine’s day around the corner, you surely had a look at some gift recommendations or date ideas. If you are  interested in both love and money then some articles or blog posts may harm your romantic spirit.


Money matters in the success of your love story

A survey carried by Credit Savvy, an Australian consumer advocate website, showed that 57% of respondents would break up with their partner if he/she was in a delicate financial situation. The majority of people surveyed also considered that their partner’s financial situation was important in their relationship. Another study by Citibank showed that 78% of American currently in a relationship give more importance to how diligent their partner is with his money rather than his look. It seems like that unconditional love does not survive to the budgeting and money management reality check.

Less sweet talks and more Money conversations

Unfortunately, money related issues are often a reason of fights between partners. Especially if they have not shared their core views about budgeting and money management before going further in the relationship. Marriage is a partnership that also includes how to deal with the household finances. Do you share the same money values? You may be comfortable treating yourself to luxury vacations whereas your partner would rather save the money for a home deposit. Will you share responsibilities in financial decisions making? Will your partner take care of all financial investment decisions and you look only after the household budget? Before moving in together, have you already decided how you are going to split the expenses and if you want to open a joint account?

The little hints to check your financial compatibility

You do not need to tackle the sensitive financial question straight after your first date. Actually you can learn a lot just by meeting and discussing about your life. Your potential future partner’s past and has shaped a lot of his/her vision of money. A person who grew up in a privileged environment may not feel comfortable splashing money on expensive clothes if he/she has always been taught that money requires efforts. If your date never pays the full bill, you can’t expect this to change in the future. Everyone has different priorities in life and in what they use their money for. Make sure you are always on the same page so it doesn’t come as a reason for breakup.

Do not forget budgeting and personal finance wisdom

Knowing the structure of your household’s finance and keeping records is important. Especially if, God forbid, your relationship goes wrong. A breakup is already painful in itself and is even more difficult to deal with when you fight about money. Make sure you know who paid for what and how things work, it will spare you a lot of headaches if you split up.

These are just things to bear in mind to preserve your relationship in the long-term. For those who prepared a special something for their significant other, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s day full of romanticism. Money talks can wait a bit.


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